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Warm and Well in North Yorkshire’s reaction to the Chancellor’s announcement of the £2Bn Green Home Grant Scheme

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire’s Project Coordinator Julia Priestnall welcomes the Government’s announcement that the government will pay at least two-thirds of the cost of home improvements that save energy for homeowners and landlords.

  • Posted On: 21 July 2020
Warm and Well in North Yorkshire’s reaction to the Chancellor’s announcement of the £2Bn Green Home Grant Scheme

The grants scheme which will launch in September, with online applications for recommended energy efficiency measures, along with details of accredited local suppliers. Once one of these suppliers has provided a quote and the work is approved, the voucher is issued. The chancellor revealed that both homeowners and landlords would be eligible in his statement, but we await further details. The chancellor confirmed that up to 650,000 homes will be covered by the grant.

The government said about half of the fund will go to the poorest and most vulnerable homeowners, who will not have to contribute anything to the cost. The aim of the scheme is to help homeowners and promote energy efficiency, but also to help boost the economy during the coronavirus pandemic by creating jobs. For most homeowners, the vouchers will be worth about two-thirds of the cost of the energy efficient improvements, up to a maximum of £5,000 per household. For example, the Treasury says a homeowner installing cavity wall and floor insulation costing £4,000 would only pay about £1,320, with the Government contributing the remaining £2,680 through the voucher scheme. Business Secretary Alok Sharma added that the poorest households could receive up to £10,000 towards costs, and that double glazing would also be covered by the scheme.

When applying in September, households will need to outline what improvements they’d like to make. They will also be required to give details of accredited local suppliers who will need to provide a quote.

Martin Lewis has commented for people who were about to have work done on their home that ‘It's worth being aware, as explained above, that there may be an assessment needed to get these vouchers – and not everyone may be able to get what they want. We're expecting more details on the scheme in due course so it's probably a sensible idea to hold off making a decision until then when we know more”

Our friends at NEA recorded a positive statement shortly after the Chancellors announcement about the ‘Green Homes Grant Scheme’.

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire Project Coordinator Julia Priestnall commented “It is a positive step forward from the government to bring in the green homes grant scheme and it is vital that people who are in most need get access to the grants as soon as possible. We have already seen a massive rise in fuel poverty since the pandemic struck with 1 in 5 households behind on Energy Bills and more than 200,000 households in England set to fall into fuel poverty as the economy struggles to recover from lockdown.

Whilst the green homes grant scheme is a welcome ‘long term’ way of helping many home owners and landlords we would still like more to be done in the short term for social and private tenants. These people are facing mass unemployment, many are moving on to benefits for the first time and are already behind on fuel bills. Many houses in rural North Yorkshire are poorly insulated and cost a lot to heat so we are worried about the impact of a second wave of the Pandemic in the Winter and the fall out of the current economic crisis. We will be keeping an eye on any further announcements and developments on this new scheme so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and tips”.

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