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Two Ridings Community Foundation re-launches its Surviving Winter Appeal

  • Posted On: 4 December 2017
Two Ridings Community Foundation re-launches its Surviving Winter Appeal

Two Ridings Community Foundation (TRCF) has re-launched its successful Surviving Winter Appeal for winter 2017-18, a fund to help older and vulnerable people stay warm and well this winter.

The campaign began as a vehicle for generous pensioners to ‘recycle’ their Winter Fuel payments, and has now developed into a giving portal for anyone who wants to help support vulnerable people survive the winter.

Funds last year were used to provide blankets, fuel, coats, thermos flasks, hot water bottles, draught excluders, sleeping bags for homeless people and food. The fund has also allowed vulnerable older people to receive warm healthy homes assessments and improvements to be carried out as necessary.

One of 46 community foundations in the UK, TRFC operates across North Yorkshire, as well as York and Hull and East Riding. The foundation receives money from individuals, families, businesses, charitable trusts and public sector bodies. It gives this money to charities and community groups who show that they work hard, at a local level, to reach the people who need it most.

To read more about the Surviving Winter Appeal, or how you can donate to it, visit the TRCF website.

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