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Warm and Well in North Yorkshire continues to support people through the Coronavirus

It’s been a very busy last few months with the #YorkshireEnergySavingsMonth or #YESM20 campaign we launched throughout May proving popular on Social Media with lots of new followers. One of Polish advisers, Karolina even translated some of our tips for our Polish followers!

  • Posted On: 17 June 2020

We have now moved back into our office and are continuing to work with our partners to help support people suffering from fuel poverty across North Yorkshire. We are committed to helping as many people as we can as the financial fall out of the lockdown hits North Yorkshire.

Warm and Well In North Yorkshire reports an upturn in people seeking Energy Advice and continues to support the isolated across the region

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire has seen a significant spike across the County in people struggling to pay bills or in a ‘Heat or Eat’ situation since the COVID19 Pandemic struck

  • Posted On: 16 May 2020

There has been a huge increase in people contacting the helpline, who have been left with no heating at all often in Rural areas of the region that rely on oil heating or that are not connected to the gas mains.

Worryingly, there has also been an increase in calls and referrals from vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with mental health problems, disabilities and physical health problems who have been told to self-isolate and do not have the support structure they perhaps had before the pandemic.

The Warm and Well team are now working tirelessly to follow up often complex enquiries with the help of their partner organisations which include Citizens Advice, Age UK and the many local COVID19 assistance groups which have formed across the region. Warm and Well is supported financially by Yorkshire County Council to ensure people have and can afford to heat their homes.

Warm and Well’s new Project Coordinator Julia Priestnall commented “Our service demand has gone through the roof since the lock down was introduced. We are seeing a huge increase in calls and enquiries and I am extremely proud of our staff and Volunteers who have worked flat out in often difficult conditions to keep our services running from their homes.

 Some of the enquiries have been heartbreaking. For instance, we have had a lady today who lost her husband last week and is now displaying symptoms herself who has no idea how she is going to pay her Energy Bills this month. We are working closely with our partners to support her through the most difficult of times and make sure she gets everything she needs. Our service has evolved during these unprecedented times and we have seen some great community spirit! For example, we had a local Coal merchant who went out of his way to deliver coal to a family with no means of heating their home in Wensleydale on Good Friday for us. We also managed to get a full tank of oil for a family that had no money due to the Pandemic. An elderly gentleman who I was calling to check on his welfare every week is now calling me to check me and my staff are OK.”

Julia continued “We want the people of North Yorkshire to know, we are here for them during these unparalleled times. If you are worried about a family members, friends or neighbour’s well being and they live in a cold or damp home or may be suffering from fuel poverty you can refer them yourself by calling our helpline on 01609 767 555 or by filling in our online referral form at . Our Specialist Energy Advisers will call the person or a family member back as soon as they can.”

“We have also launched our first #YorkshireEnergySavingsMonth or #YESM20 on Social Media which you can follow on Facebook and Twitter for lots of Energy Savings tips throughout May in response to the current crisis . Citizens Advice recently reported that a massive 6 million people have now fallen behind with household bills so we recommend that people contact us as soon as possible so we can support them through these difficult times.”

Warm and Well In North Yorkshire launches #YESM20 to help people with energy costs during #COVID19


  • Posted On: 6 May 2020

We know people have been hit hard by #COVID19, with many people unsure about their jobs across the region. Citizens Advice Research has shown that 6 million people in the UK have fallen behind with their household bills since the start of the pandemic. As a result of this we have started our first #YESM20 or #YorkshireEnergySavingsMonth.

Warm and Well In North Yorkshire Responds to #COVID19

  • Posted On: 6 May 2020

New Warm and Well Project Coordinator Julia Priestnall talks about how we have reacted to COVID19 and highlights the hardwork our staff have been doing since they have had to work from home.

Guest blog entry on Warm & Well in North Yorkshire

  • Posted On: 23 January 2020

We were recently invited to write a guest blog entry on Warm & Well in North Yorkshire for North Yorkshire County Council. Our Project Manager, Laura Thomas, stepped up to the challenge and the following is the blog post she created. It gives a great summary of what we do at Warm & Well in North Yorkshire: