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Warm and Well in North Yorkshire highlight this may be the most important Fuel Poverty Awareness Day ever.

Warm and Well In North Yorkshire Project Coordinator Julia Priestnall talks about the importance of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day this year

  • Posted On: 27 November 2020

At warm and Well in North Yorkshire we have seen a huge rise in people suffering from fuel poverty this year. The coronavirus has made this our busiest year yet by far and we saw a 196% rise in referrals in the summer months on the year before. This suggests people were struggling before the temperatures dropped across North Yorkshire

Press Release: Warm and Well In North Yorkshire to continue to operate during Lockdown after after 196% increase in referrals across North Yorkshire compared to last year

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire expects a huge rise in referrals this winter as the financial effects of the coronavirus take hold across the region.

  • Posted On: 3 November 2020

 In what is usually, the organisation's quiet months, between July and the end of September, referrals jumped up 196% on last year with many people struggling to pay their energy bills and heat their homes.