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NEA: Warm Welcome!

Supporting expectant parents and families with young babies at risk in cold, damp homes and fuel poverty

  • Posted On: 14 June 2021

NEA:National Energy Action is a charity working with organisations who support low income, vulnerable families with babies and expectant parents who struggle to afford sufficient energy to ensure a warm and healthy home.

The arrival of a baby into a family already experiencing hardship can greatly increase the risk of fuel poverty.

Our Warm Welcome project offers advice sessions to help parents with babies and those expecting, manage energy and fuel bills to achieve affordable warmth.

We also offer free training for frontline support staff to raise awareness of fuel poverty, its impact on pregnancies, newborn babies and their families, and identify support available to them.

If you would like your organisation to get involed please get in touch with Diane Bland NEA Project Development Co-ordinator at