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New Loneliness Risk Quiz in North Yorkshire

  • Posted On: 23 July 2019
As part of their commitment to tackle loneliness, Community First Yorkshire have launched their first practical tool linked to The Loneliness Campaign North Yorkshire. Community First Yorkshire write: ‘It’s a simple and quick online quiz to check your level of risk of being lonely in your later life. The quiz has practical information and suggestions to help reduce loneliness for your loved ones as well as yourself. It will tell you about current research and lifestyles...

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire on film

  • Posted On: 2 July 2019
Here at Warm & Well in North Yorkshire we have produced a film to give more information about the service.   The film shows the client journey through the Warm & Well in North Yorkshire service, starting at the point the team receives the client’s details, through to them receiving help to address the causes of their cold homes. A massive thank you to everyone in the team and the delivery partners who were all happy to be filmed. The film is now avaliable on...